Do you Think Sharing of (GSM)-related Information Can Put you at Risk of Losing Client Leads?


Do you Think Sharing of GSM-related Information Can Put you at Risk of Losing Client Leads?

SearchMyANZSCO is a tool used to gain Information about any ANZSCO Occupations like:

  • State eligibility for all states in Australia, 
  • Skilled Occupation lists like STSOL, MLTSSL, DAMA 
  • Visa subclasses
  • Assessing authority 
  • Occupation Ceiling Value 
  • Invitation Cut Off and Many more. 

This may prompt like revealing all the crucial information to your clients. You may also think of losing potential clients. But that’s not right! As per our beliefs, the transparency of information builds trust within the clients. Such clarity forms a strong foundation for ever-lasting relationship with your clients.

Saying this, let's check the situation in this manner: 

For example, every person looking for any services does some basic research before taking a consultation from you. Moreover, there are numerous open source resources available to public where clients can verify the information provided by you like: 

  • educational blogs,
  • newsletter, 
  • commercial website blogs and 
  • the government websites.

So based on these considerations, there occur two types of information seekers; 

  1. One who would research through various portals and then decide about their application. 
  2. Others among you want to Check your occupational eligibility while applying for the visas

But both leave the tedious job of applying for visas with the Migration Agents itself. It’s a trust that the clients have on these agents for their successful application of visas to the Department of Home Affairs.

They believe that the expertise knowledge of the Migration Agents will help them resolve all their issues while applying for such crucial visas. Furthermore, they would look for a place that displays all this information on a single page.

So, the race is not about providing information, its more about providing precise information in fastest and easiest way that your client can access and understand efficiently.

With SearchMyANZSCO, we fill in the Migration industry gaps with our efficient services. We have invested comprehensive domain knowledge to develop these products. We stand to use them to analyse the varied migration data and simplify it. We provide data services to improve your productivity and profits. We do not intend to curb your data processing system in any way.

Consumers always want to know more, and nothing bounds them to stay updated. Hence, such worry is not workable when it’s about keeping up with your competitors. They are always thinking about new innovative ways to attract new clients. So, the course of action should be focusing on creative ideas.

Develop features that allow us to stand out from the crowd. We are trying to think for out of box concepts. We aim at building products that simplify the work of the Migration Agents.

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