How Australian Migration Agents Can Save Time & Serve Clients Better


How Australian Migration Agents Can Save Time & Serve Clients Better

What is a common way of Australian Registered Migration agent to gather the updated data and information regarding any changes in GSM?

The obvious answer will be browsing through many different official websites and keeping a constant eye on the changes happening about immigration rules and regulations. This task is apparently a long-drawn-out process as the data is scattered around varied websites and the modifications that are very random in occurrence.

For example, if you want to gather material on the occupation list say “Accountant (General)”, you will search for its Accessing Authority, the ceiling value, invitation cutoff of the previous year, visa type, state eligibility, its description and much more from all various official websites. It's not only time-consuming but also to maintain all this source information is a hard job.

So, here we come up with a solution SearchMyANZSCO, a  Tool for Australian Registered Migration agent to get all the authenticated information simply on one page when managing General Skilled Visa process. Every detail on this page is connected to its official and trusted source to that particular webpage rather than linking to the homepage, saving all your time in further research.

Our website is perfectly structured to showcase all this information on a single page, clearly emphasizing on all the aspects mentioned within. This information can be downloaded in PDF format instantly and you can also write down to us about your suggestions for any improvements.

SearchMyANZSCO, a tool for Australian Registered Migration agent to get all the authenticated information simply on one Page

 Let’s take another example from an Immigration agent’s daily schedule. Consider the state eligibility criteria, the once that are just open for a very short period and where there are no official announcements done from the Government.

In such scenarios, the agent will keep on looking for such information regularly along with his/her daily activities, which is genuinely a tiresome and not an assured job to do. The weekly and monthly newsletters from other resources does provide the updates on timely basis but not as soon as the update is made, leaving you behind in the race of being active.

So, our solution is to get you all the updated information instantly through your registered email. The updated changes are made available to you within a day or as soon as possible. There could be minor changes in the information, which scanning through eyes is not at all feasible.

Our job is to provide you amendments that are truly worth your attention and that it could be of major significance to you. To Know More Updates visit the “Updates” Tab on our SearchMyANZSCO website.

 To know such more updates visit the “Updates” tab on our SearchMyANZSCO website

Our focus is to keep you UpToDate with the smallest of the changes happening by notifying you via emails. These details are very segment-level and also specifically targeted to a particular Occupation List.

We tend to get you all the essential information with just a few clicks. Such functionalities keep you ahead of time and efforts, that can help you focus more on the clients’ requirements than the information search.

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