How to Integrate SearchMyANZSCO Widget For Your Website


How to Integrate SearchMyANZSCO Widget For Your Website

Once we understand the ways to populate leads and how to maintain that rapport with the clients, we now just need the right tool to implement it. With SearchMyANZSCO, we provide you with the Widget tool that can be easily integrated with flawless matching to your website theme.  SearchMyANZSCO Widget is a rectangular box that will appear on your website showing four tabs as below:

  1. Occupation Search: Get all the information for the Skilled occupations with a simple search. Get particulars on all visa types, state eligibility, assessing authority, ceiling value, caveats, cut-offs for the invitation round, description of tasks and many more. You access all this occupation-related data in an immensely condensed format on a single page.
  2. Point Test Calculator: Help yourself and also your clients to count the total point score relating to subclass 188, 189, 190 and 491 visas. All the questions and their options are arranged in a systematic way, so it is easy for new users to follow. We have also added description to the terms that we thought would be tough for the users to understand.
  3. Visa Fees Calculator: Get the estimate of the total amount to be paid for any visa application as stated by the Department of Home Affairs. You can also check the surcharge that is applied to various modes of payments. There are also options to add secondary applicants and currency converters to display the final sum that may be payable in other currencies.
  4. Contact Us: This section shows your company logo, name, address, and contact details and, provide social media links to connect back to you instantly.

Widget Integration & Customisation

We know that not everyone is a computer geek, so our developers have put efforts into making the widget integration process as simple as possible. All you need to do is copy the provided script and paste onto your website’s HTML source code to complete the integration.

We are aware that there are different kinds of websites, and hence, we have worked actively to make the widget compatible with most of them. You can also view the video tutorial on integrating the widget to your website here. If you still face issues with it, we are happy to help you. Use Support Tab in the CRM to generate a support ticket or just send us an email on

The widget is such built that you can select and customise the widget colour and its alignment based on your own choices. It possibly blends with most of the website themes to appear in the same part of your website.


Key Points of SearchMyANZSCO Widget

  • We continuously monitor the authentic sources and update our database accordingly so you can guide your clients with the right information.
  • We have attached the official links for all the information displayed on the screen. If you feel that there is any discrepancy in the data displayed, just click on link button next to it and you will be redirected to the source of the information. 
  • The widget lets you generate leads for your business by prompting the users to email reports to themselves at different times. When the user emails a copy of the report to themselves, a lead is created in your CRM, which includes the contact details and report they downloaded. You also have some options to communicate and add notes to that lead so you can track the progress with each of them.
  • You can show this information to your clients simultaneously in a consultation. This will help in building rapport with the client and creating a professional impression on the clients.
  • You have the controls in your hand. You can decide what sections your website visitors can access through the widget. We recommend you keep all the options accessible for your website visitors to get maximum benefits.

Now you know how you can effectively use our SearchmyANZSCO widget by integrating it on your website. In the next blog, we will discuss how you can utilise SearchmyANZSCO tool in online promotion, including features like white-label URL and banner box. We will also discuss about some marketing strategies to help boost your business.

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