How to Improve Leads & Brand Awareness


How to Improve Leads & Brand Awareness

What is a Lead?

A lead is a person or business that can referred as potential customers of our product or service. There are various ways through which such sales leads are generated like the advertisements, direct mailings, third party deals and other marketing strategies. These leads are the targeted audience who would be interested in utilizing the specific products and services. The person’s or business’s contact detail is the only thing to be accessed to convert this target lead into a client.

Considering Migration Agent’s services being rendered, they could be regarding the occupation search or calculating the point test score or knowing the amount to be paid for the various visa applications. In a nutshell, he/she would want to acquire such more Migration-related information and get the maximum value out of this data. So, now an Agent’s focus should be to make this information easily accessible and that too in a structured way to get more leads populating.

Now, to help the Migration Agent with this requirement, SearchMyANZSCO has come up with the feature of Widget Integration and White Labelling. When any visitor using the tool can conveniently access the required information related to any Skilled Occupation, Point Test Calculator or Visa Fees Calculator. We provide these website visitors (potential clients) with detailed, precise reports of their selected occupation search or point test score or visa fees report which gets them the needed information. All this is accurate and authenticated information shared with proper official links attached to it.

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Obviously, these information seekers would want to get these details emailed to them to analyse further. During which a pop-up comes, asking them to fill in their contact details while they get these reports emailed. Here, we assist you in getting an increase in your number of leads. 

This way you communicate in a professional manner creating a rapport with the clients. A sense of trust is generated within these leads as you are sharing all the necessary and essential information to them. Such way, they stay connected for reliable information and trustworthy services. They feel you are confident and experienced of your work to share such a piece of concise information and that too in a much competent form. This way, your lead is not only generated but also gets converted into a firm client list

But, just accumulating the leads doesn’t suffice your business needs, so we further help you. Each of the report compiled, has your uploaded company logo and contact details to reach out to you. The branding involved with this feature helps you to increase your credibility and recognition vastly and attract more prominent and loyal clients. While using such form of marketing, it marks your impression on the minds of the viewers, who definitely think of your services first and will most likely refer you back as well.

How does SearchMyANZSCO’s Widget help in lead generation?

  • Use the Social Media buttons to share the report directly via any social media you prefer. Let’s say you have more people following on Facebook; you can post such occupation-related information directly on your Facebook page.
  • Your website visitors can use the Inquire Now button to make an inquiry with your agency and ask the questions that they may have. This is the first component where you can generate leads and increase your business by solving their queries.
  • Your website visitors can also directly email the report of the occupation searched to themselves. This is the second component, where you can generate leads.

To popularise your brand further and get these features to embed onto your website, stay tuned for our next blog of the series. 

P.S. In our previous blog of the series, we mentioned the ways to make your work, as a Migration Agent, more straightforward, easier and updated with the latest migration changes. To read more, click here.

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