Migration Queensland Update


Migration Queensland Update

Migration Queensland - Update for Small Business Owners in Regional Queensland

New: Now available for profitable start-ups which have been operating for 2 years with a minimum of $200,000 turnover in the 12 months directly prior to application.

Applicable regions

You must live and work within one of the following post codes to be eligible for this visa:

40194022, 4025, 4037, 4074, 40764078, 41244125, 4133, 41834184, 42074275, 42804287, 43004301, 43034498, 45004512, 45144519, 4521, 45504575, 45804895.

Note: The above postcodes are applicable to those who have been nominated and applied for their 491 visa from 5 March 2022. Further details can be found in LIN 22/022.

If you were nominated or applied for the 491 visa prior to 5 March 2022, the applicable Queensland postcodes can be found in LIN 20/292.

If you were granted a 491 visa prior to 19 November 2019, the Gold Coast is not an eligible region.

To find other visa options that suit your circumstances, use the Department of Home Affairs Visa Finder.

Source: https://migration.qld.gov.au/visa-options/skilled-visas/small-business-owners-operating-in-regional 

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