Tasmania SNMP Updated


Tasmania SNMP Updated

Tasmania has added following requirement in Working in Tasmania Nomination Category - 491 

Employment in positions classified at ANZSCO skill level 4 or 5 will not be eligible for the purposes of state nomination unless: 

  • the employment is ongoing, for at least 6 months beyond the application date 
  • you have reasonable career development prospects in the industry (demonstrated through genuine and realistic opportunities available in the industry, or through completion of industry specific training** while working with your employer) 
  • it is located at least 50km from a population centre of more than 5000^ people (detailed below), in a position for which there is a genuine and demonstrated severe labour recruitment difficulty^^, unless 
  • it is associated with aged care and individual support (Unit Group 4233 Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers) (relevant qualifications of at least Certificate III required), or 
  • the position involves specialist qualifications or experience* that are not available in the local community, and 
  • evidence of prior related employment experience and/or qualifications are provided 
  • you are engaged in / have completed a course of relevant, industry-specific training while working with your employer* 


^ Areas with a population centre of more than 5000 people: 
~ Hobart (Including Hobart, Glenorchy, Kingston, Clarence, Brighton LGA areas) 
~ Huonville - Franklin 
~ Launceston 
~ Devonport - Latrobe - Port Sorell 
~ Burnie - Somerset - Wynyard 
~ Ulverstone - Penguin 
~ New Norfolk 
~ Wynyard 
~ Sorell - Richmond 
~ Dodges Ferry - Lewisham 
~ Brighton 
~ George Town 

Employment located less than 50km from a population centre of more than 5000 people may be considered if there is a severe recruitment difficulty for skills, qualifications or experience which are not readily available in the local community. Evidence of this difficulty must be demonstrated by the employer, and employment must reasonably lead to a skilled role in the future. 


^^ severe labour recruitment difficulty and specialist skills/qualifications must be demonstrated through documentary supporting evidence such as industry workforce development plans, ongoing recruitment activity reports, government or independent research publications.  For more information, refer to the Document Checklist and the detailed guidance factsheet. 


Source - https://www.migration.tas.gov.au/skilled_migrants/skilled_regional  

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