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Data as an Asset

A big part of Migration Agents’ daily work depends on data. This data is used by agents to help clients find out about their eligibility for Immigration and their current status.

At SearchMyANZSCO, it is our mission to transform the way Migration Agents look at data. We help change the business outlook on data by treating it as an asset that is available to Migration Agents in just a click.

Data as an Asset
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Get the Full Toolkit

To this end, we built the SearchMyANZSCO tool, which keeps Migration Agents on top of the Occupation List for Australia Immigration. The accurate and regularly maintained and updated database is in the spirit of our way of looking at data as an asset.

At SearchMyANZSCO, we have also created separate tools for Visa Fee Calculation, Point Calculations, and State-Wise Special Requirements for Visa – all tools that streamline the workflow for agents.

By automating data and information management, we, at SearchMyANZSCO free up agents. So, they can work on things that really matter for their business, and therefore, serve clients better.

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