ACT State Nomination


ACT State Nomination

Critical occupation list

Critical occupation list has been published by ACT outlining the eligible occupations for the limited places allocated to ACT state nomination authority until the announcement of federal budget in October. The list includes occupations from various sources including Nurses, Accountants, ICT occupations and many other related occupations. Full list can be found here:


Updated Nomination criteria

Nomination criteria has been updated for EOI submitted after 19 August 2020. Details of the nomination criteria is available here:


Further information on impact of COVID 19 on ACT state nomination program can be found here:


Processing times

Applications for ACT nomination

"      Streamlined PhD nomination: the average processing time is 1 week.

"      Canberra / overseas residents: the average processing time is 9 weeks.


Applicants should note that these time frames may vary depending on demand.

ACT 491 / 190 nomination: We are currently assigning (to a case officer for processing) applications lodged on: 14 April 2020


Applications for RCB support of an employer nomination

The average processing time is 3 weeks. Applicants should note that this timeframe may vary depending on demand.


We are currently assigning (to a case officer for processing) applications for RCB support lodged on: 25 May 2020

Invitation Round

The next invitation round will be held on Thursday 20 August 2020.



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