ANMAC-Christmas Shutdown and Processing time update


ANMAC-Christmas Shutdown and Processing time update

ANMAC: Christmas Shutdown and Processing time update as follows:  


Christmas Shutdown: "The application portal will close on Friday, 17 December, 2021. No new applications can be made until Wednesday, 12 January 2022. The ANMAC Office will be closed from Thursday, 23 December 2021 until Monday, 10 January 2022." 


Waiting times: 

"Work experience verification processes have been revised as part of ANMAC's commitment to continuous quality improvement. As a result, skilled migration assessments, including re-issues, may take longer to process. Processing times will vary depending on the number of professional references submitted in your application and the time taken to verify all documentation. Please be aware that ANMAC does not provide a priority service due to the large number of applications." 


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