QLD Migration Program Allocations Update


QLD Migration Program Allocations Update

BSMQ has received the final nomination allocations for FY 2020-21 and is set to open the skilled migration and business program.


Business Program

BSMQ business program is now OPEN from 10 December 2020, but it will assess the applications submitted from the interim quota opening from 29 September  05 October 2020, then from 6 October  9 December 2020 before the EOIs being submitted from 10 December 2020. Thus, extending the processing time for the EOIs submitted now.


Priority processing for:

·      Subclass 132  Significant Business History stream

·      Subclass 188  Business Innovation stream

·      Subclass 188  Significant Investor stream

·      Subclass 188  Entrepreneur stream


BSMQ will nominate high quality applications related to the COVID-19 economic recovery, or those businesses which focus on productive investment and job creation or have a regional investment focus within the business program.


Skilled Migration Program


The BSMQ skilled program remains SUSPENDED while we process the backlog of applications from 29 September  05 October 2020 interim quota opening.


Please note: only selected occupations related to the COVID response and recovery will be processed as a priority. If you do not receive an invitation before the 25 December 2020, you will be required to submit a brand new EOI when we reopen our program at the end of January 2021.


Applicants affected by s48 barred will not be processed.


While BSMQ recognises there are a number of people in challenging situations, it is required to adhere to selecting occupations critical to the COVID recovery. These occupations will be processed as a priority. Priority cannot be given to applicants who have a visa expiring at this time.


The skilled program remains suspended until further notice. Please DO NOT submit an EOI as they will not be picked up or considered.


Source: https://migration.qld.gov.au/


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