DOHA- Afghanistan Update (20 August 2021)


DOHA- Afghanistan Update (20 August 2021)

Department of Home Affairs Australia has published information for Afghanistan Nationals as follows:  


Locally Engaged Employees 

Locally Engaged Employees (LEEs) who have supported Australia's mission in Afghanistan are a high priority. Those who have not met the threshold for Afghan LEE certification but who have a connection with Australia will also be prioritized under the Humanitarian Program.  This includes extended family members of Afghan LEEs settled in Australia.  

Afghan LEEs and their immediate family members with valid Australian visas are also automatically exempt from Australia's travel restrictions.


Family visas & Citizenship 

Visa applications from people in Afghanistan will be finalized as quickly as possible once all requirements are assessed. 

All visa applications must meet the requirements in the migration legislation before a visa is granted, including health, character and identity. 

All existing citizenship by descent applications for Afghan nationals in Afghanistan are being treated as a high priority. 

Afghan nationals onshore 

Afghan visa holders currently in Australia will not be asked to return to Afghanistan while their security is at risk. Afghan citizens currently in Australia on temporary visas will be supported by the Australian Government. 

Afghan citizens who meet the requirements for a humanitarian visa and wish to seek Australia's assistance are strongly encouraged to make an application. 

Family reunion for family members of Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) /Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) visa holders in Australia 

Australia's Special Humanitarian Program reunites refugees and their family in Australia.  Immediate family of people who have been resettled under the Humanitarian Program are given highest priority. 

People who arrived in Australia without a valid visa on or after 13 August 2012, and hold a TPV or SHEV, are not eligible to propose relatives through the Humanitarian Program.  

Foreign nationals, including from Afghanistan, need a valid visa to enter Australia.  People will not be able to settle in Australia if they arrive illegally.   

All applications must meet eligibility criteria. 

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