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RDA Orana

RDA Orana has published following update on their website for 491 occuaption list and nomination

We are pleased to advise that following recent discussions between NSW Treasury and the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs we will now be able to offer a greater range of occupations. This will come into effect from the 1st April.

However, it is important to note that whilst we are now free to recommend for nomination under a greater range of occupations, priority processing will still be in place for those in critical skill sectors and as such we would strongly urge you to consider this prior to submitting an application with us.

Considering these changes, we will no longer be accepting any application for onshore of offshore applicants under Stream 3a, 3b or 3c.

The 12-month living and working requirement will be maintained under Stream 1, but there will be some discretion if the applicant is considered as reasonably established within our region. In this instance, this will be a minimum of three months living and working in the Orana region in their nominated occupation or a closely related field. 

NOTE: These changes come into effect from April 1st 2021. Please do not contact us prior to this date about occupation list changes or eligibility. You will not be responded to until we are able to implement these changes internally and have published updates on our website.

We will also be prioritising applications who will meet the criteria of Stream 1 in full. Please consider this.

Source: https://www.rdaorana.org.au/migration/migrants/

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