News from Migration Queensland


News from Migration Queensland

- Migration Queensland is close to filling half of their skilled nomination allocation for FY2122

- The Migration Queensland skilled program is still open, and it is a great opportunity for those working onshore in Queensland to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), as they are open to the entire legislative instrument for state nomination, which includes 504 occupations.

- Due to the high demand, they have from onshore applicants, and their limited nomination allocation, it is unlikely that they will open to offshore applicants until the next Australian financial year that starts on July 1, 2022.

- This opportunity for onshore migrants working in Queensland has also been heightened by previously s48 barred applicants now being able to apply for state-nominated visas from 13 November 2021.

- The 491-SBO program has also been a highly popular pathway this year, and Migration Queensland has received hundreds of EOIs from applicants for this pathway. As these applications have a higher number of documents to be assessed, they ask you to advise your 491-SBO clients that there may be an extended assessment period from 4 to 6 weeks following an invitation to submit documents

- A final kind request for agents to ensure a submission of one EOI only, and please advise your clients that they will be processing the first EOI picked up. In addition to this, please note that an email explanation to support how a skilled applicant meets a COVID priority occupation is not required (this was a requirement of FY20-21 but no longer a requirement in 21-22).


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