SA State Nomination


SA State Nomination

As announced, South Australia has published new visa requirements for the migration year 2020-21. They have also updated their website with a fresh look. It is advised that the Skilled Occupations List will be published in mid-October 2020.


Highlights of the updated state requirements and nomination streams are as follows


Minimum nomination requirements

  1. Applicants must meet Home Affairs minimum requirements for age, English levels and Points, and
  2. Applicants must nominate an occupation eligible for a 190 or 491 nomination on the Skilled Migration Occupation List and have a valid and positive Skills Assessment for that occupation, and
  3. Applicants must be currently working in South Australia for at least the last 3 months in their nominated or closely related occupation, for at least 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight. The work experience must be undertaken post-qualification completion and paid at the appropriate rate for the skill level.
  4. The following applicants do not have to meet the work experience requirement listed above:

-       International graduates of South Australian education institutions who have completed a PhD or Masters by Research.

Preferred requirements

In addition to the mandatory requirements listed above, applicants who meet the following conditions will have a better chance of being invited to submit an application.

  1. Applicants with Proficient English overall or higher
  2. Applicants with at least 90 Points in your Expression of Interest (including state-nomination points)
  3. Applicants who are currently working in South Australia for at least the last 12 months in their nominated or closely related occupation and claiming Points for Australian work experience
  4. Applicants who are currently living and working in outer regional South Australia (link to regional definition).
  5. Applicants who meet the critical skills listed here for Commonwealth Governments Travel Exemption Requirements


190 nomination and special Requirements:


491 nomination and special Requirements:



Skilled Occupation list:


Concessions in the requirements: Concessions and waivers are granted for specific streams and occupations in both 190 and 491 visa. Further detailed information is available on the South Australia Migration Website.


Priority Streams


Talent and Innovators Program

The Talent and Innovators program allows the state to nominate high calibre applicants under one of the following three streams: 

  1. Employment stream: For businesses employing, or seeking to employ a highly talented skilled migrant 
  2. Independent talent stream: For high calibre applicants seeking state nomination 
  3. Small business and start up stream*: For skilled migrants who have started their own business.
    *NOTE: This stream will be available soon. 

View full details & requirements


Currently living and working in South Australia

If you are currently living and working in South Australia, you may qualify for this stream. There are concessions and waivers available and eligibility will primarily be dependent on:

  • How long you have been residing and working in South Australia.
  • Your nominated occupation
  • If you are living and working in outer regional South Australia

View full details & requirements 


International graduates  If you are a South Australian Graduate, you may qualify for this stream. Detailed requirements for this stream are available here: International Graduate Requirements & Waivers  


Source and further information:

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