Tasmania State Nomination program


Tasmania State Nomination program

Tasmania State Nomination authority has announced that "high calibre" candidates who have applied for the 491 nomination will also be considered for the 190 nomination even if they do not meet the subclass 190 category requirements. Full post is as below:

We will consider applicants who have applied for nomination in any of the subclass 491 categories for subclass 190 nomination if they can demonstrate that they are a high calibre candidate, even if they do not meet the subclass 190 category requirements. Applicants who believe they warrant consideration as high calibre candidates should supply a written submission included in the Commitment Letter of their application outlining their reason(s) for their request.

Positive attributes include:

  • Employment in highly skilled, specialist positions (normally ANZSCO 1 or 2)
  • Rare/unique skills in high demand
  • Specialist health/allied health skills and employment (in a health related setting)
  • Recent graduate of a TSOL related occupation, with prior skills/experience and can demonstrate strong employment opportunities
  • Employment directly related to nominated occupation, with highly reputable, well known company
  • Employed in skilled area of high demand, having lived in Tas for 2 years or more
  • Extensive residence in Tas (over 3 years) with solid and ongoing skilled employment

Possessing any or all of these does not guarantee we will agree to subclass 190 nomination.

Important note: please DO NOT email to enquire eligibility as a high calibre calibre applicant  we will not make an assessment before receiving your application. Select both 491 and 190 on your Skillselect EOI and include your request to also be considered for subclass 190 in your Commitment Statement.

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