Tasmania State Nomination Migration Program


Tasmania State Nomination Migration Program

Tasmania is now open for 190 & 491 applications.  

There are multiple streams available for nomination for onshore as well as offshore applicants.  


Tasmania's nomination quota for the 2021-22 program year is: 

Subclass 491  2200 places 
Subclass 190  1100 places 

Around 500 of these places are expected to be used for applications carried over from the 2020-21 program year. 


If you meet the criteria of one of the following streams, you may be eligible for nomination  


    • Studied from Tasmania 
    • Working in Tasmania 
    • Occupation listed in Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List  
    • Job Offer from Tasmania 
    • Family in Tasmania 
    • Small Business Owner in Tasmania  

    Overseas Applicant Job Offer (Subclass-491) 

      To be considered for this category you must be invited to apply and meet all the following criteria: 

        • have received a formal job offer for a job that is based in Tasmania that is in your nominated occupation 
        • if the job offer is in an area related to the TSOL you must have a Skills Assessment in that area and should meet the additional English and registration/experience requirements listed for that occupation on the TSOL 
        • you or any of your dependents have not have lived in another Australian state or territory within the last 12 months 
        • your employer must have a well-established business that has been actively operating in Tasmania for the past 12 months 
        • your wages and conditions must be no less favourable than those that would apply to an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and salary or wages are equivalent to the market salary rate 
        • there is a genuine and ongoing need for your position within the business and the capacity for the business to sustain your employment 


      Source: https://www.migration.tas.gov.au/skilled_migrants/skilled_regional 

      Find out more about other streams:  

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