Tasmania Skilled Work Regional Visa Update


Tasmania Skilled Work Regional Visa Update

Tasmania has updated the Overseas Applicant (TSOL) Documents Requirements as follows:  


Invitation Letter from Migration Tasmania via SkillSelect 



Unless your occupation is listed as High Demand on the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List attach evidence that there are currently sufficient employment opportunities in your nominated occupation that are relevant to your skill set and recent experience. The evidence must include: 

Evidence of contact with at least two Tasmanian employers who have been operating in Tasmania for at least 12 months, expressing interest in employing you. 

Personal research into recent advertised positions relevant to your nominated occupation (a minimum of 2 vacancies, no older than 6 weeks before you apply for nomination. You must provide a copy of the full advertisement (saved as a .pdf): 

An employment statement for each advertisement. You must explain how your qualifications, knowledge and experience relate to and meet the requirements for each of the job advertisements. 


Please note: 

* It is essential that the date of the job advertisement as well as the location of the job are clearly displayed 
* Web links alone are not acceptable and, if provided without the accompanying advertisement, will result in the criterion not being met 
* You must be able to demonstrate that you have the relevant qualifications, skill set and work experience etc. to meet the criteria of the advertised position; for example if the position requires: 
- a certain number of years relevant work experience: you must have that experience 
- a minimum qualification: you must hold that qualification 
- Australian work experience: you must have that experience 
* It is not enough to merely state that you meet a requirement in the advertisement  you must clearly explain, using examples, how you have the skills and experience to meet that requirement. 
* Job advertisements must be recent. Advertisements must be dated no more than six weeks before submission of the application. 
* Job advertisements must be relevant to the nominated occupation; for example: 
- if the nominated occupation is a Real Estate Agent we will not accept jobs for Property Manager 
- if the nominated occupation is HR Advisor we will not accept jobs for recruitment consultants 
- if the nominated occupation is for a manager, we will not accept assistant, support or junior positions 


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