QLD state has now released it's new nomination criteria and the new QSOL for the migration program 2019-20. The highlights of the updates are as follows:

Onshore Applicants

  • For 489 visa - applicant must be living in the regional QLD for 3 months.
  • Must be working full-time in the nominated occupation for 190 visa - 6 months; and 489 visa - 3 months (Full time = 35 hours per week)
  • Have evidence of ongoing employment for 1 year with QLD registered employer.

Offshore Applicants

  • Minimum 2 years of post qualification experience in the nominated occupation.
  • Overseas PhD Graduates: If you have job offer of 12 months or more from QLD registered business, your work experience requirement may be waived.

QLD Post-Graduate Applicants

  • Must have completed 100% of qualification in QLD based institution.
  • Must have graduated in last 2 years. (Qualification must be related to the nominated occupation).
  • Provide full-time employment in the nominated occupation (or a closely related occupation) with QLD employer registered in Australia.
  • Provide evidence of ongoing employment of 12 months in the nominated occupation (or a closely related occupation) with QLD employer registered in Australia.
  • If you are applying for 489 visa: You must be living in a regional area and working for an employer in regional area.
  • QLD PhD Graduate: Applicant must have completed the 100% qualification from QLD based institution and job offer may not be required unless stated otherwise.

Specific Occupations:

  • Accountant and related occupations require: Minimum 70 points; For 190 - Minimum 1 year experience (6 months in QLD); For 489 - Minimum 3 months of work experience in REGIONAL QLD. (Experience must be post qualification in both the visa categories). (Available only in Working in QLD - Onshore list)
  • ICT and related occuaptions: Requires 70 points. In some lists, many occupations require post qualification experience. (check the conditions for individual occupation before applying)
  • Chef and cook occupations: requires different levels of experiences depending upon the list. Not available for Working in QLD list. 
  • Teaching related occupations: most occupations require registration with the Queensland college of Teachers

Complete occupation list available here: https://migration.qld.gov.au/skilled-occupation-lists/#accordion-item-5

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