TRA Assessment Process


TRA Assessment Process

Job Ready Program (JRP) Applications

From 11 June 2020, TRA is streamlining the way applications and documents are submitted to Trades Recognition Service (TRA)for all steps of the JRP. 

  • Step 1: Provisional Skills Assessment
  • Step 2: Job Ready Employment
  • Step 3: Job Ready Workplace Assessment
  • Step 4: Job Ready Final Assessment


Applications for each step of the JRP are completed online through the TRA online portal, which can be accessed via the TRA website. Documentation supporting an application is uploaded online at the time of submitting an application and must be in a PDF format.


Applicants will no longer need to print, scan and email application forms to TRA.


An application can only be submitted online once all the mandatory fields are completed, the required documentation uploaded and the application fee payment is accepted.


JRP applications submitted online prior to 11 June 2020 can still be emailed  to and will be processed by TRA.


JRP Supporting Documentation 

From 11 June 2020, all supporting documentation must be submitted through the TRA online portal. Applicants are no longer required to email any JRP supporting documentation to TRA. 


Applicants must upload all supporting documentation, such as skills and employment reports and pay evidence, via their online portal account in the TRA online portal.


Supporting documentation emailed prior to 11 June 2020 will be processed and does not need to be uploaded in the online portal. 


Updates to the JRP Applicant Guidelines

The JRP Applicant Guidelines will be updated to reflect the new application and supporting documentation submission processes. The eligibility requirements for each step of the JRP will remain the same.


If you intend to apply for any step of the JRP after 11 June 2020, you must meet the program requirements and submit your application as detailed in the new JRP Applicant Guidelines June 2020.


All questions relating to the JRP must be emailed to




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