From 18 March 2020, Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) will be moving to a new online application process for the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) and the Migration Points Advice (MPA) programs.


Applications for assessments through the MSA or MPA programs are to be submitted through the TRA Online Portal accessed via the TRA website. The TRA Online Portal streamlines the application process and replaces the need for application documents to be emailed to TRA.


After creating a user profile and selecting the MSA or MPA program in the TRA Online Portal, an applicant enters their personal information, relevant qualifications and employment details directly into the TRA Online Portal. All supporting documentation, such as the Employment Template, employment evidence, qualifications and transcripts are uploaded via the TRA Online Portal at the time of creating an application.


An application can only be submitted once all the mandatory fields are completed, the required documentation is uploaded, and the payment accepted.


MSA or MPA applications submitted by email prior to 18 March 2020 will not be affected by these changes and the application will be processed.


Updates to MSA and MPA Applicant Guidelines

The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) Applicant Guidelines and the Migration Points Advice (MPA) Applicant Guidelines will be updated to reflect the new application processes. The eligibility requirements remain the same for both programs, however there is a minor change for both programs with the evidence required for self-employment arrangements.


If you intend to apply for a MSA or MPA after 17 March 2020, you must meet the program requirements as set out in the new Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines, March 2020 or the Migration Points Advice Applicant Guidelines, March 2020.


As from 18 March 2020, TRA will not be accepting applications under the previous version of the Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines or Migration Points Advice Applicant Guidelines.


Please ensure you read the relevant Guidelines and program information on the TRA website carefully before lodging an application.


Applicants with existing MSA or MPA program applications currently awaiting an outcome will not be affected by the changes.




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