Victoria State Nomination Update


Victoria State Nomination Update

Victoria has added Workforce Skills Pathway as follows:  


Skill gaps in Victoria are addressed through local training and recruitment. In certain instances, industries may require migration to quickly supplement the number of skilled professionals available. 

The Workforce Skills Pathway (WSP) is a way to address: 

  • Skills gaps that are created by the introduction of a new Victorian Government policy or strategy where alternative pathways are not readily available or effective and other workforce development solutions are not effective or do not exist; or 

  • Skills gaps that exist in specific industries where alternative migration pathways and other workforce development solutions are not effective or do not exist. 

The WSP must support state or industry wide development and be in the public interest. 

A Workforce Skills Pathway addresses a state-wide or region-wide skill gap and may have its own unique selection criteria.  Any targeted occupations will be highly skilled. 

If you are eligible to apply or have been asked to apply under a Workforce Skills Pathway, you do not need to be working in a target sector to be selected to apply for visa nomination. 

Current Workforce Skills Pathways 


To assist industry address labour shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Victorian Government has established the Hospitality pathway for highly skilled cooks and chefs. 


You must be eligible under either the subclass 190 or subclass 491 Victorian visa nomination criteria, and be living and working in Victoria as a cook or chef. 

How do I apply under a Workforce Skills Pathway? 

Ensure you are eligible under the Workforce Skills Pathway. 

When submitting your Registration of Interest, respond yes to Are you applying under a Workforce Skills Pathway? 

Select the appropriate pathway. 

Complete the rest of your Registration of Interest and submit. 

If selected to apply for Victorian visa nomination, complete the relevant nomination application. 


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